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About Us

Hi! We are Dee Fogarty and Georgette Fogarty-Clemons, we are sisters and the Founders of WAM! Book Bundle. We are both passionate about reading and in particular diverse children’s literature. We both believe it is truly important for books to serves as both Windows and Mirrors to all children.

Dee is has worked in Education for the past 11 years and currently works as an educator and literacy consultant in Washington, DC. Finding diverse books for her students has always been something she was passionate about as it allowed for students to relate more to the characters. She also noticed the curiosity that was sparked when her students read stories with children of other backgrounds. Dee started the Instagram account @ILoveBooksAndICannotLie to showcase various diverse books so that others could be aware of the great diverse children’s literature out there. She soon realized that many people did not have access to those books in their area and often many the authors were not able to get their books into major bookstore; from this the idea of WAM! Book Bundle came about.

Georgette is a wife and mother of 3 sons ages 15, 12 and 6. She currently works in Finance and is an entrepreneur. As a parent, who values her children’s education and accessibility to books with characters that look like them, she would often seek out diverse literature for her sons as a way to continue their interest reading as they got older. She also recognized the importance of her sons being able to read books about other cultures and experiences that were different from their own. Georgette saw the joy her younger son felt when his mom or dad would read a story to or with him. Faced with many challenges in her pursuits, she was inspired by her sister, Dee's Instagram page to help other parents find a better solution to accessing diverse children's books and together they created WAM!